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      Esmeralda took the sweet face in her hands.

      If you are not angry I do not mind. You can not think that I wanted to come? Have you been well? she broke off to ask, looking at him intently.

      At that time I did not love you.We know nothing about it, he said, sullenly. We didnt take her, and she aint here. Weve plenty of gals of our own; in fact, too many, and youre welcome to some of em as I could name.

      You look very nice, dear, she said; though, of course, the dress is not quite right. But never mind; Cerise will send the things home very soonI made a point of itand thenwell, then, with a smile, you will see.

      When the meal, which appeared to Esmeralda to be interminable, at last came to a close, Lady Wyndover took her back to the drawing-room.

      He was gone, and she breathed more freely. There was a sense of release in his absence; and for the first time she looked round the cabin, where beautiful and luxurious things lay, thrown here and there in huddled masses of brilliant colour. A Japanese screen, a masterpiece of rainbow-hued embroidery on a sea-green ground, flung against the panelling at one endPersian curtains wrenched from their fastenings and hanging awrysatin pillows that had drifted into a heap in one cornersigns of havoc everywhere. She stood in the midst of all this ruin, and looked at her own reflection in a Venetian glass riveted to the panelling, about the only object that had held its place through the storm.


      Varley smiled in harmony with the laugh evoked by Taffys witticism, and dealt the cards as slowly and carefully as usual; then, presently, having silently noted his losings, he said, with his little drawl:She seemed quite unconscious of his presencecertainly quite unconscious of his gazeas she sat, straight as an arrow, holding the high-spirited horses in complete control. Presently it began to rain. She did not notice it; but he leaned over to the back of the phaeton, and fished up a capacious ulster of Irish frieze.


      Before I answer that question, Lord Druce, replied Varley, with his most languid drawl, permit me to ask you what business that is of yours?