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      "This is dreadful," he said. "The man who died in the Corner House changed four hundred sovereigns into notes. Part of them he put into a letter to send to a certain person who appears to have been nameless. We know that he was going to send that money to his brother."


      The performance came to an end at length. The dapper, smiling little Balmayne handed them both into the carriage and then went off smoking a cigarette like any honest gentleman whose conscience is at peace. Once home Hetty flew up to her little patient. She seemed to be restless and disturbed.

      "Yes, 'tis for that I lend him."[26]

      "There I perfectly agree with you. But the lady I speak of is bound to lead. Wherever she is and whatever walk of life she finds herself in, she is bound to lead. She flashes out and dazzles London. She lives in a fine house and entertains royally. But there is one thing that puzzles me. Why does the lady reside so far from Park Lane or Belgravia or Mayfair?""On what charge, may I ask?" she demanded.

      Charlton did so. There was a blank surprise on his face.


      Lawrence smiled as he flicked off the end of his cigarette."I wish I had known," she murmured. "Oh, I wish I had known."


      It was quiet enough in Churton Street. And again in Collin's Crescent, which was so near home that the long line of Lytton Avenue could be seen. But there again standing figures came out of the gloom and the car sped on.His body was scarred and disfigured, as though many surgical operations had been performed upon it.