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      'skirmishing' 103

      "That's just what's the matter," said the Orderly, who, having been in the three-months' service, knew all about war. He had come in to detail Si and Shorty to help unload Quartermaster's stores. "You must always scald out your canteens when you've had milk in 'em. Don't you remember how careful your mother is to scald her milk pans?"CHAPTER XXI. SI AND SHORTY WERE RAPIDLY LEARNING

      "No. But I know these woods.""Of course, I wouldn't let anybody else have it," he stammered; "but I knew you, Cap'n!"

      V1 Loudon next proceeded to examine the state of the provincial forces, and sent Lieutenant-Colonel Burton, of the regulars, to observe and report upon it. Winslow by this time had made a forward movement, and was now at Lake George with nearly half his command, while the rest were at Fort Edward under Lyman, or in detachments at Saratoga and the other small posts below. Burton found Winslow's men encamped with their right on what are now the grounds of Fort William Henry Hotel, and their left extending southward between the mountain in their front and the marsh in their rear. "There are here," he reports, "about twenty-five hundred men, five hundred of them sick, the greatest part of them what they call poorly; they bury from five to eight daily, and officers in proportion; extremely indolent, and dirty to a degree." Then, in vernacular English, he describes the infectious condition of the fort, which was full of the sick. "Their camp," he proceeds, "is nastier than anything I could conceive; their, kitchens, graves, and places for slaughtering cattle all mixed through their encampment; a great waste of provisions, the men having just what they please; no great command kept up. Colonel Gridley governs the general; not in the least alert; only one advanced guard of a subaltern and twenty-four men. The cannon and stores in great confusion." Of the camp at Fort Edward he gives a better account. "It is much cleaner than at Fort William Henry, but not sufficiently so to 402He looked at her queerly. He could no longer contain his chagrin. "He's gone!" he said.

      V2 reducing the rations still more, and holding out to the last. All the others gave their voices for capitulation. [800] Ramesay might have yielded without dishonor; but he still held out till an event fraught with new hope took place at Jacques-Cartier."I want to go away until it blows over," said Pen.

      "Are there any vacancies in your non-commissioned officers?" asked the Colonel."SEEMS to me it's 'bout time ter be gitt' into a fite!" said Si Klegg to Shorty one night as they sat around the fire after supper, with their shoes and stockings off, comparing the size and number of their respective blisters. Neither of them had much of the skin they started out with left on their feet. "I always s'posed," he continued, "that bein' a sojer meant fitin' somebody; and here we are roaming over the country like a lot of tramps. I can't see no good in it, nohow."


      Exodus of Canadian Leaders ? Wreck of the "Auguste" ? Trial of Bigot and his Confederates ? Frederic of Prussia ? His Triumphs ? His Reverses ? His Peril ? His Fortitude ? Death of George II. ? Change of Policy ? Choiseul ? His Overtures of Peace ? The Family Compact ? Fall of Pitt ? Death of the Czarina ? Frederic saved ? War with Spain ? Capture of Havana ? Negotiations ? Terms of Peace ? Shall Canada be restored? ? Speech of Pitt ? The Treaty signed ? End of the Seven Years War.


      Though this exodus of the natural leaders of Canada was in good part deferred till the next year, and though the number of persons to be immediately embarked was reduced by the desertion of many French soldiers who had married 384


      "Good!" he said. "All they say against money may be true, but just the same when people make out to despise it they're lying."