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      Was it not Mr. Crowther's insolence, and that alone, which had prejudiced him against Lostwithielhad made the very name hateful to him? Yes, that was the cause of his aversion. He had disproved those insolent insinuations; he had exploded the covert slander and rebuked the slanderer; but he had not forgotten. The wound still rankled.Varley Howard alone remained silent. He leaned back in his chair, shuffling the cards with his white, womanish hand. At last, when the hubbub had somewhat subsided, he said in his most languid and indifferent manner:

      You dont deserve that I should, she said. Oh! I have left my fan on Lady Blankyres chair She broke off.Isola went about looking at those things like a creature in a dream. These stupendous tabernacles impressed her with an almost insupportable sense of their magnitude. And with that awestricken sense of power in the Christian Church there was interwoven the humiliating consciousness of her own unworthiness; a consciousness sharpened and intensified by every word that Father Rodwell had spoken in that agonizing hour of her involuntary confession.

      "Thank Heaven! I should have been miserable if you had doubted or disliked him. He is to be my husband some day, Isa, if Martin approvebut not for a year, at least. Tell me, dear, are you glad?"

      Varley Howard passed his white hand over his little less[44] white brow, and looked at the dry man of law with an impassive expression. Over two millions, I think you said? he remarked.



      Please, he said, with a little air of command.


      It are, said Bill, sententiously.