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      "Yes," cried Holgrave, starting up eagerly, "if the court-rolls are burned, who can claim the bondman?"

      "I m?ade sure as how Mus' Courthope ud git in. 'T?un't so long since we sent up another unionistseems strange when you and me remembers that a Tory never sat fur Rye till '85.""Why, my lord," said Luke, in reply to De Boteler's interrogatory, "there is hardly a free maiden in the parish that would not have been glad of Stephen; but, though I have never seen her, I am told this wife of his is the comeliest damsel between this and Winchcombe: and, besides, she is not like a common niefand then, my lord, she is the sister of the good monk John."

      Pete ministered to him with a strange devotion, which he carried finally to the pitch of putting him into his own bed. The absence of so many of the children did not make much more room in the house, as Reuben's ideas on sleeping had always been compactalso there were the little boys, the new dairy woman, and a big store of potatoes. Pete's large untidy bed was the only available accommodation, and Albert was glad of it, for he had reached the last stage of exhaustion.

      "The commons of Essex."


      "De Boteler," said Sir Robert Knowles, "this bondage should never have been."



      "Would you believe it, he has a hundred sheepand a man working under himand money coming in quite easy now. It wur hard at first, Bessie says, and[Pg 335] he wur in tedious heart over it all, but he pulled through his bad times, and now he's doing valiant."