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      Very well, then, said Esmeralda. Do whatever you likewhatever you all like. I dont care in the least. I dont understand it.

      Millais, certainly, responded Lord Selvaine.

      The maiden felt the same start as when Greenleaf had ventured almost those words. "Yes," she beamingly rejoined, "that's what I told the Lieutenant."

      Esmeralda said that she would be delighted, and the old man looked round with a pleased smile.

      "My wound--opened again."


      "But surely," said Kincaid, "this old jewellery lying all about it here--."


      I hope you are not going to order a great many more dresses, she said. Ive more now than I can wear, and Barker doesnt know what to do with them; she says every place is choked up.


      The man glanced at the coat hanging up on the wall of the hut, and nodded.